Synergy Movement Class

WEDNESDAYS at 7:  Synergy Movement Class 

by Barbara McGranahan and Sergei Slussky

Synergy Movement

Join us on WEDNESDAYS starting Feb 6th from 7-8PM for this exciting new approach to enhancing the way you move. Developed for dancers and non-dancers alike, Synergy Movement gives you simple, easy-to-follow exercises to refine your balance, strength and overall movement.  NOTE: this is a movement class, not a fitness class, so you don't have to worry about keeping up, sweating out or not looking perfect in your cool gym outfit! Il Designed for all ages and abilities. 

IDEAL for:

- Dancers or dance instructors looking to a new way to elevate their dancing or teaching, 

- Individuals who feel stiff, tense or stressed, 

- Anyone who would like to enhance their balance, strength and movement. 

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE: $10 PER PERSON -- Call to reserve your spot or drop in.  207.671.7644.


TO ENHANCE health,
TO PROMOTE well-being,
TO ENCOURAGE discovery,
TO ENLIGHTEN spirits, and
TO SUPPORT those who seek the best in life and in themselves while having FUN!


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