Do I need a partner to learn Ballroom dancing?

No. You never need a partner for any groupclass, party, workshop, or lesson at Aquarius Ballroom Dance Studios. Weencourage all our students to learn to dance with a variety of partners. Werotate partners in our group classes so you can experience dancing with manydifferent people. This has been proven to be the best way to learn to dance andget you comfortable dancing with different people.

What should I wear to dance class?

Our dress code is casual for our group classes and privatelessons. The best advice is to wear something that allows you to movecomfortably. Loose slacks and a loose and a comfortable shirt are recommendedfor men. There is more variety for women from pants to a nice dress or flowingskirt. You may want to choose something a littledressier for our dance parties, but it is up to you.

Do I need to buy dance shoes for my beginning class?

Not at first. Just be sure you wear leather or suede-soled shoesthat fit well and will stay on your feet. Sneakers or other rubber-soled shoesare very difficult to dance in and can put unnecessary strain on your anklesand joints. Please DO NOT wear clogs, wedges, slides, or any shoes with an openback or open toe otherwise you and your partner will be thinking moreabout your shoes and getting your feet stepped on than about your dancing.

Women will find that shoes with heels that are not too high arethe best. Platform soles or stilettos require better balance and are notrecommended. For men, flat-soled (dress) shoes are a good idea. This will allowyou to spin without effort.

Special Note: In order to preserve and maintain our dance floorat the highest performance level possible for our students, we ask that youplease bring the shoes that you plan on wearing in class with you and changeinto them once you are in the studio. This will prevent the floors frombecoming worn out and scratched and allow you to spin and turn with ease. Thankyou!

What are group classes?

If you are a beginner, we are going to suggest starting you inone of our group classes but you are welcome to take private lessons at anytime. Classes are grouped by levels from newcomer Basics (Bronze level), tointermediate (Silver level), to advanced (Gold and open level). All studentsare welcome to try out any of our classes. In the Basics classes you will be atrelatively the same level as other students in the class, and learn the basicstogether. This will be your new peer group where you will make new friends,receive support, and learn to enjoy the art of dance.

Group classes will also give you the opportunity to rotate anddance with multiple partners. However, this is not mandatory. You can stay withyour own dance partner if you prefer. The benefit of changing partners is thatyou will learn that not everyone dances the same way. You will start to developyour own personal style and learn things such as how to handle heightdifferences that can affect a couple’s dance.

What is private instruction?

Private instruction is a structured lesson with one-on-onelearning. You (or you and your partner) can learn in a private environment thatis fun, with focused attention that is responsive to your specific needs.

We suggest that if you take private lessons, you also considertaking group classes to reinforce your learning. This gives you more chancesfor repetition, practice, and more rapid advancement combined withopportunities to navigate around the floor. Contact us for more information at (207) 671-7644 or email us at [email protected]

Should I focus on learning one dance or several?

There are advantages to doing both. Our group classes focus on avariety of dances. The reasons for this are:

1. Learning multiple dances helpsyou in many ways to be a better well rounded dancer.

2. You will have more opportunitiesto dance at social events

3. Each dance compliments the otherand each one will help you to learn the next one a little faster.

However, we do offer classes and private lessons that mayfocus one style of dance.

I’m afraid of looking silly – what should I do?

The most important thing to remember is that many people feelthat way at first. When you come to our classes, we will take care of you byworking to your level, and building your confidence and knowledge. Rememberthat once you have attended even ONE class, you will know more than mostpeople. You will immediately start learning about correct posture and techniqueto make you feel more confident about your dancing at any social event, club oryour own wedding.




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