Elizabeth Pettit

Elizabeth Pettit – who has a wide variety of talents, including dance.

What do you get when you cross a cheerleader, a majorette, an equestrian, a nurse and a teacher with a dancer? This soft-spoken, fun-loving lady!

Elizabeth is also affectionately known as “Kentucky” as her native accent reveals that she is not originally from Maine. A former ICU and Alzheimer’s nurse, she now uses her experience and Masters’ degree to teach nursing at Southern Maine Community College and as a visiting nurse at Interim Healthcare. She recently taught a geriatric externship with nursing students at Maine Veteran’s Home in Scarborough.

Her dance background includes 6 years of study here in Maine and New Hampshire. She loves to dance and loves sharing dance with others.

Kentucky lives in Lebanon. When she’s not working or dancing, you might find her enjoying time with her husband, her 23-year-old son, or any of the furry or feathered creatures in the family that includes a Border Collie, 4 cats, 2 guinea hens and 2 chickens.


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