Our New Age and Modern art collections bring you some of the best artwork from around the world. Browse and see which one you’d like to make your own, as an enhancement of your private collection or as an investment.


Cosmic Wonder Collection -- An Aquarius EXCLUSIVE

One of our favorite European artists created these exquisite images, capturing the wonder and mystery of outer space. Each one-of-a-kind original is showcased on metal via a process that allows the bright areas of the art to brilliantly shine through, creating an exciting feeling of “you’re almost there.”

1. Beyond the Milky Way    Art on metal.   EXCLUSIVE

36” x 24” $975 [BUY NOW]

2. The Bold Journey 36” x 24” $1,100.  Art on metal    EXCLUSIVE.     [BUY NOW]

3. Asteroids of Artemis Corona           24 x 16” $ 850   Art on Metal.   EXCLUSIVE.    [BUY NOW]

Magnetic Moons of Cygous

4. Magnetic Moons of Cygous $850 Art on Metal EXCLUSIVE. [BUY NOW]

20" x30"

 Artful skateboards

Baldessari’s:  This rare, 3-board collection of John Anthony Baldesari art on new, shrink-wrapped boards is offered at $9,000 plus S/H.  Artwork is screen printed on each board – making it a masterpiece of wheels or a collectible for your home.            [BUY NOW]




This two-board collection, new and shrink-wrapped, $798.  [BUY NOW]

Harmony Korine, screenwriter of Kids and director of films such as Gummo and Spring Breakers, loves both skateboarding and smashing conventions. He combines both in these artful decks.


Gail’s oil paintings capture both hauntingly beautiful ghost images (spirit paintings) and exquisite portraits

Gail’s fascination for painting started at an early age when she discovered a natural talent for capturing likenesses on canvas. Her realism style showcases her subject’s personality and makes each painting a classical delight.

I love painting eyes and seeing the essence of a person through them. I try to gain an understanding of each subject to form an emotional bond with them,” she says. “Later, I love the look of appreciation on someone’s face when I unveil the portrait of their loved one. That’s priceless.

Much of Gail’s portraiture work is done from photographs. This allows her to work with wet paint at her discretion and gives her an opportunity to improvise and perfect her smooth style. She can also work with very old or damaged images and build a beautiful modern image, bringing the past to life in the present.

A unique part of Gail’s artistry is her interest in and experience with ghosts or the spirit world. Drawing from her own knowledge as well as other’s, she paints scenes that bring the spirit world into today’s reality.

I try to capture both the feeling and the essence of what I see or other’s have seen in each painting.

Commissioned painting fees vary by the size and complexity of what you need. Here are some samples:
  • 9x12 framed work   $4,740.  [BUY NOW]
  • 11x14 framed work $5,340.  [BUY NOW]
  • 14x18 framed work $5,940.  [BUY NOW]
  • 16x20 framed work $6,540.  [BUY NOW]
  • 18x24 framed work $7,140.  [BUY NOW]
  • Larger framed work $9,600 and up. [Call for details]


Soldier painting

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